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Unlocking the mystery of the ABG

Unlocking the mystery of the ABG  Part 1 – Acid Base So this is a topic that I keep coming back to… I guess because it is something that is used pretty much every day in my clinical practice. I found found some nice tips and memory aids along […]

#Finn’EM2018 Blood gas workshop

Blood gas Workshop – FinnEM2018 This is the blood gas workshop that goes through the following acid-base disturbances: respiratory alkalosis respiratory acidosis – acute and chronic metabolic acidosis – uraemia metabolic alkalosis Download the blood gas examples: ABG Blood Gas workshop This is the most amazing poster by Amy […]

All about Tranexamic Acid

This blog-post is intended to provide the information required for the ALS practitioner to complete their theory component for the 2018 CPG update with regard to TXA. To access CPD points for this activity (blog post) please see the information box at the bottom. This resource may also […]

Advance Directives

Guest post by Darren Van Zyl  ADVANCE DIRECTIVES I’ll make this really simple and start with the punch line: They’re called ADVANCE DIRECTIVES and they are all VALID.   The end. But I better explain… So here goes: (Please keep reading this is IMPORTANT!). Pay attention (JZ, 2016) …. […]


Palliative Care in the Emergency Department “Death is often seen as a failure to keep people alive rather than a natural dignified end to life” (1) Coping with death is difficult for anyone, including medical care practitioners. The super-hero mentality (emergency physicians (EP) in particular suffer from this […]

Distraction and Attraction

These are both seemingly straightforward cases. Both trauma related issues and possible complications. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to refer the patient on to someone else, to make it someone else’s problem. But one of the distinguishing features of Emergency Medicine is that we […]

Skills Training

Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending a Teaching Course in Cape Town, presented by the Teaching CoOpTeam  #TTCCT18. I was introduced to Peyton’s Four-Step Approach to Skills Training – of which I am now an avid supporter. This method has been recommended by our surgical colleagues […]

Inside the bubble of #BadEMFest18

To say that last week’s #BadEMFest18 changed my life would be really dramatic. But sometimes I am dramatic… #BadEMFest18 was the most amazing collection of incredible experiences I could ever have asked for in short 4 days. From the caliber of speakers, topics, people and interactions to the […]

The Interconnectedness of things

Great article on an approach to palliative and end-of-life care. Shared at #BadEMFest18 The 5 minute approach for Goals of Care in the ED from David Wang’s article. Another resource (with accompanying podcast) for diving straight into this topic. This is a great article on end of life […]