Unlocking the mystery of the ABG

Unlocking the mystery of the ABG 

Part 1 – Acid Base

So this is a topic that I keep coming back to… I guess because it is something that is used pretty much every day in my clinical practice.

I found found some nice tips and memory aids along the way … am keen to share them

These are some cool examples that will take you through the 4 basic acid-base disorders

  • respiratory alkalosis
  • respiratory acidosis
  • metabolic acidosis
  • metabolic alkalosis

Examples: JoziEM ABG examples

When you take a deeper dive, you will see that there is a bit more to these examples than only the primary acid-base disorders. But this is a good place to start.

PDF of workshop: JoziEM ABG workshop

This is the updated version of my ABG acid-base cheat-sheet (which has evolved over the years).

Screenshot 2018-11-09 at 10.08.49.png

This is the most amazing poster by Amy O’Donnel – I usually laminate a copy and put it close to my blood gas machine(s) at work.

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 14.46.36



  1. O’Donnel A. ABG as easy as 123  Accessed [9/11/2018]
  2. 2. Joshua Steinberg. LITFL. Acid base worksheet
  3. Camody JB, Norwood VF. Postgrad Med J 2012; 88 A clinical approach to paediatric acid base disorders

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