This is one of my personal favourite topics. I have been wracking my brain as to why it is so important to me. Why are hands-overs such a dangerous time in patient care? Why should I spend time talking about it? Why should we spend more time on this part of patient care - especially when... Continue Reading →

Wish I was here

A stream of conciousness Guest post by @real_paramedic Disclaimer:  The words you are about to read are by no means a masterpiece, nor do I even believe them to be any good. They do however describe events exactly as they occurred, barring the fact that names and locations have been omitted. Some of the events... Continue Reading →


Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement This Terms of Use Agreement (this ‘Agreement') is entered into by and between the author and ‘you', the user of this web blog, also known as ‘JoziEM' (the Site). Access to, use of and/or browsing of the site is provided subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein.... Continue Reading →

You want me to WHAT?

How to be a reflective teacher  “…when making meaning becomes learning…” Jack Mezirow (1990) David Schön cultivated the notion of reflective practice in 1983 and described it as “the ability to reflect on one's actions so as to engage in a process of continuous learning.” Reflective practice involves paying critical attention to the practical values... Continue Reading →

Child Abuse Resources

References and Resources relevant to the care of the abused child/infant What is abuse? “Action, or inaction, which results in actual or potential physical harm from an interaction or lack of interaction, which is reasonably within the control of the parent or person in a position of responsibility, power or trust." (WHO 1999) Laws that... Continue Reading →

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