Pre-hospital ultrasound

So I have always been the gadget guy.  Always trying to have the latest piece of tech to make life easier, the latest iPhone and the tools to make them all talk to each other. I don’t get why everyone isn’t living in the cloud?? When I started […]

Conflict and confrontations

Conflict in the health care industry is inevitable. Working in a field with so many inter-personal interactions and differing opinions; dissent is to be expected. In a crisis orientated field such emergency medicine, where time-urgency is the norm, this is especially true (1). The clinical condition of the […]

Plastic Family on Safari

Resusci-ann’s Ethiopian Adventure Travelling to Gondar It occurred to me, at around 02H00, whilst tightly nestled between two well-built, champion snorers (who just so happened to be the friendliest Nigerians I had ever met), that perhaps, I was slightly out of my depth. The plane was packed to […]

70 Shades of Grey

How I became interested in medical ethics The truth is: I should get out more. I mean, who likes medical ethics as a subject? That 160-slide PowerPoint presentation on some random Thursday afternoon at undergraduate level when you spent the time updating Facebook (and not about the fascinating […]

Too fast? = REVERT

When is Fast too FAST? “Is the problem causing the rhythm or is the rhythm causing the problem?” If the answer is the latter (and the patient has a pulse), you are probably dealing with a heart rate in excess of 150b/min in the adult patient. So what […]


This is one of my personal favourite topics. I have been wracking my brain as to why it is so important to me. Why are hands-overs such a dangerous time in patient care? Why should I spend time talking about it? Why should we spend more time on this […]

Wish I was here

A stream of conciousness Guest post by @real_paramedic Disclaimer:  The words you are about to read are by no means a masterpiece, nor do I even believe them to be any good. They do however describe events exactly as they occurred, barring the fact that names and locations […]


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